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Dr Andrey A. Panteleyev

Division of Surgery & Molecular Oncology
College of Medicine, Dentistry & Nursing
Skin stem cell kinetics and recruitment

Our research interests mainly relate to the skin stem cell kinetics and the mechanisms of stem cell recruitment during initiation of hair follicle cycle. Our aim is to understand how environmental and local factors affect the homeostasis of skin stem cell population and outline potential approaches to modulate skin stem cell kinetics in situ. We are also interested in phenomenon of "stemness" per se and in the origin of adult skin stem cells during mammalian skin development. Our studies are based on the strong believe that skin stem cell kinetics depends not only on intrinsic factors but rather on a complex milieu of endogenous and exogenous (environmental) signalling that may significantly influence physiology and pathology of stem cell-related processes in the skin. Our work encompasses a diversity of methods and approaches - from innovative molecular and biochemical techniques, through generation of novel mouse and cell culture models, to clinical studies.